Monday, June 28, 2010

My internship experienced in Ukraine was amazing

My internship experienced in Ukraine was amazing, 2 months in there is like a priceless experience and beyond of my expectation. I lived in odessa, which is really recommended city to come if you visit ukraine. This is a major port city located on the Black Sea coast and often called the "Pearl of the South" and the fourth largest city in Ukraine. Odessa is the only city in Ukraine which has so many people who live in it and good relations with each other. The city is a mixture of various nations and ethnic groups, including Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Germany, Greek, Jewish, Korean, Moldovans, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, and many others. I also enjoyed walking odessa`s main street, Deribasovskaya street, which looks absolutely georgeous when illuminated at night.
This internship gave a lot of experience that I can’t forgot. I previously had not imagined there are many great lessons will I got from these “life-changing experience”programme. Ranging from learning how to cope with culture shock, learning how to understand and realize of each person's personal character, contemplating and reviewing problems or advantages of ukraine countries that do not belong to my own country “Indonesia”, to know and learn to be grateful from a variety of problems that every person have, to feel how joy foster good relationships and forming friendships with people from different countries. This is the happiest thing, i never imagined before that from different countries whom have different characters and different culture but they can unite, look after each other, appreciate, and form a close relationship like a family. One more thing which i am so proud is when i realize have become the ambassador of the nation in international event and develop a national spirit and in fact what we do brings good effect and could make a good impact for many people.

Monday, May 24, 2010

I joined project last October in Odessa. It was my first internship. That experience makes me strong, and it was so much fun!!

I really enjoyed staying in Odessa with my team member and AISEC member))

I hope I can meet them again!!

Sakina Matsuo, Japan

I am an intern of SKILL MATTER in Odessa ,2009, it is an ET project (about management education for university students) for 2 months.

The most important thing I had learned from this project is "team work"and "negotiation", I am so lucky I had such a great team, we worked together, played together, hang out together, even was drunk together... )))

I had so many owesome memories in the lovely city (people there are so kind and friendly), of course not only happy memories, but also embarrassing , angry, terrible, funny, impressive, crazy memories. All of them happened in this 2 months, just 2 months! but the experience let me feel I am stronger and maturer, really.

I appreciate all the members in Odessa LC, they took care of us, helped us so much and showed us many cool places. I know they really wanted us to enjoy our interships !

THANK YOU every AIESECer I ever met in Odessa!

kisses from Taiwan