Monday, May 24, 2010

I joined project last October in Odessa. It was my first internship. That experience makes me strong, and it was so much fun!!

I really enjoyed staying in Odessa with my team member and AISEC member))

I hope I can meet them again!!

Sakina Matsuo, Japan

I am an intern of SKILL MATTER in Odessa ,2009, it is an ET project (about management education for university students) for 2 months.

The most important thing I had learned from this project is "team work"and "negotiation", I am so lucky I had such a great team, we worked together, played together, hang out together, even was drunk together... )))

I had so many owesome memories in the lovely city (people there are so kind and friendly), of course not only happy memories, but also embarrassing , angry, terrible, funny, impressive, crazy memories. All of them happened in this 2 months, just 2 months! but the experience let me feel I am stronger and maturer, really.

I appreciate all the members in Odessa LC, they took care of us, helped us so much and showed us many cool places. I know they really wanted us to enjoy our interships !

THANK YOU every AIESECer I ever met in Odessa!

kisses from Taiwan