Sunday, February 20, 2011

A long-expected project "World Without Borders" has finally started in Odessa! We welcome our interns and hope they will like our city and their time in it! This project is very special and important. Its aim is to familiarize Ukrainian schoolchildren with cultures and traditions of other countries, which are considered to be so far away…But, we are happy to make them a little bit closer for our students!

Please, welcome intern from China – Sherry Zhang! It was very nice of her to share her emotions and impressions from the project with us! So, enjoy!

"Ater so many problems, finally I arrived in Odessa, saw my OCP and my teammates, they are so nice that met with me at train station. My trip in Odessa began. "World without borders" is a wonderful project, I like these children. When I saw that they are very interested in China's culture, I am very proud and pleased to tell them more about my country. Also i like Odessa's night, there are many stars in the sky and they are bright. I love this city and this country.

As an AIESECer, when I met other interns in Mitco, listen to the familiar music, have the same dance, it is amazing to be an AIESECer, AIESEC makes our world smaller. It gives us the opportunity to meet and work with people from other countries. I treasure this chance and hope there is something fantastic waiting for me."

Monday, February 7, 2011

Interns from Dnepropetrovsk visited Odessa!

Today in AIESEC Odessa and Odessa came very wonderful interns from Ukrainian city Dnepropetrovsk. This is representative of countries such as Brazil and China.

Welcome to Odessa!

So, our wonderful tour began with a visit to the Odessa Museum of Western and Oriental art. Well, really, who would not have been pleased to come to Ukrianu and enjoy the historic achievement of the country. The next site tours was the central street of the city Deribasivska. Suddenly one of the Chinese trainees bit behind our small tour group. But when we looked back to her call, she was cute was a citizen of Ukraine and spoke in Chinese. So not only is our Odessa-large village, and the whole world. A little hungry, we went to dinner at a restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine Puzata Hata. Funny name:) After lunch we continue walking around the city. Tomorrow, girls are going to travel farther across the country, and the next point of arrival, the city of Mariupol.

We sincerely wish them good luck and a lot of new and enjoyable experience!

Thank you for helping kids!!!

More recently, completed the first draft in 2011 AIESEC in Odessa, entitled "Children Path" (project leader: Svetlana Tanchik). The project was associated exclusively with children who need the help the outside world. Specifically, assistance was provided to children from boarding schools, including those that are deaf and able to communicate using the language of speech, as well as children with low vision. In order to prove themselves and benefit society as well as make new acquaintances in Ukraine, in the project "Children Path" participated the guys from Brazil. The project lasted for almost two months and during that time Ricardo, Bruno, Douglas and Jessica had completely given the favorite business - dancing. They taught the children who have problems with vision and hearing dance.

We want to tell them thank you very much, for what they gave away two months of his life good cause, and helped the children of Odessa to feel part of a larger world!We hope that the guys were satisfied with their work, and his example has shown that it is necessary to help each other, and especially to those who need this help!