Monday, February 7, 2011

Interns from Dnepropetrovsk visited Odessa!

Today in AIESEC Odessa and Odessa came very wonderful interns from Ukrainian city Dnepropetrovsk. This is representative of countries such as Brazil and China.

Welcome to Odessa!

So, our wonderful tour began with a visit to the Odessa Museum of Western and Oriental art. Well, really, who would not have been pleased to come to Ukrianu and enjoy the historic achievement of the country. The next site tours was the central street of the city Deribasivska. Suddenly one of the Chinese trainees bit behind our small tour group. But when we looked back to her call, she was cute was a citizen of Ukraine and spoke in Chinese. So not only is our Odessa-large village, and the whole world. A little hungry, we went to dinner at a restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine Puzata Hata. Funny name:) After lunch we continue walking around the city. Tomorrow, girls are going to travel farther across the country, and the next point of arrival, the city of Mariupol.

We sincerely wish them good luck and a lot of new and enjoyable experience!

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