Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hot Brazil was willing to spend the winter together with Ukraine!

As it turned out, not all Brazilians are prone to sun-van during the Christmas and New Year. Some of them are not even against visiting Ukraine during the winter vacation and enjoy the weather below zero. Sevastopol became the starting point for trainees travel to Odessa. And here is a little sleepy boys from Brazil are already on the Odessa railway station, stand and enjoy the morning freshness of sea air. (I would like to express special thanks to Victoria Mountain, because the guys met at 8.00 am).

First was - a tour of the city, which as always was accompanied by new impressions. Of course, Odessa does not possess the beauty in the winter, especially given the lack of snow in our city, but the attractions have helped to keep the city proud. And as can be seen, the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater came to mind for foreigners to taste. Speaking of taste preferences, we can safely say that Brazilians love sweets and here we are very similar. Who would have thought that the usual Odessa cotton candy will cause so much joy and delight.

Interns, fellows brave and Odessa are ready at any moment to go somewhere else. But as map and compass at hand was not, had to turn now to just such a useful plaque on a column with a detailed and accurate written all the "coming" of the city, at a minimum Ukrainian. Let's hope that the road to Odessa, the Brazilians quickly learned the Russian language and understood everything that was written on the "Iron" guidebook.

We are confident that Odessa was for the guys one of the favorite and memorable towns, despite the fact that they have traveled more than half of our country. And we hope to see them again in our beautiful city.

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