Friday, August 21, 2009

...instead of introduction

We are pleased to welcome you on the pages of this dairy, dairy of our intern's memories.

We simply want to say "Thank you" for sharing with us at least a small part of your life experience, visiting us, spending time with us, working with us and having a rest with us, crying with us and laughing with us! We appreciate the time spent with every of you and that changes you made in us, that amazingly valuable contribution you brought into our growth and development.

Now we want to give you chance to share your emotions, feelings, thought. We want to know how is your life going on and what do you think about time spent with us. And we also want to ask you to be open and helpful for those, who are just thinking of undertaking this opportunity.
We hope to create tough bridge to connect every person, every single emotion.

Now it is only your choice what to put inside...

@ly yours,
EB team of AIESEC in Odessa

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