Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Amazing internship to me,

My dear friends,
My internship ended 4 months ago but every time, every moment I feel missing all memories and experiences I had in Odessa. When receiving the invitation from Anna to write all my impression, I feel extremely happy because finally I will have a chance to express all what I want to say to all of you, my best friends in one beloved-country.

I have printed totally 300 photos in Ukraine, always ask all Vietnamese people I met to see them again and again. I have also posted in the facebook the most beautiful ones so that all my friends can see and be happy for me. I keep thinking thoundsand times about every subject in Skills Matter, imagine all student's faces, imagine the time walking with Kate, enjoying birthday of Anna, having dinner with Aiesecers and students....I miss that day when all of you saw me off at the station, made me laugh, huged me sweetly and run when my train moved. All of you did make me cry for all nights, all of you have made deep impression on me, made me feel that I am the happiest intern in this world. May be I am only intern in Odessa, that is why I was taken care too much...all students love me, which make me feel moved. Although my internship is over, I will never forget the time there. I have learned so many things: skills, knowledge, drinking wine, eating Ukraine food especially making friends with many students.... and I always feel proud of what I have done in this internship.

Now, I am working for one of the most famous banks in Vietnam. It is a challenging job and I am very busy with it. However, I always tell myself that I have to try harder and harder so that I can earn enough money to come back to Odessa and enjoy Black Sea with gorgeous view. Can you imagine how happy I am when that day is coming? I just want to cry when seeing all of you again and then we will laugh together, go to Mc'donald, walk on the street and review every thing^^

I dont know what I have to do to say all my thinking now, just want to say thank Kate, Anna, Dasha...and all of you, who have created chance for me to have such a nice memory in your city. I follow my heart to come to Odessa and my heart will always have all of you in it...forever and ever.

LiLi- it is very very kute name. Although now no one call me LiLi in Viet Nam but I always tell my self that I am LiLi, a girl who love all of you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh:X:X:X

Thank you for all things you have done for me. I will never forger all of you^^

Love-Miss-Big hugs.

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