Thursday, October 22, 2009

Well...i actually don't know how to start...actually there are many things that i can write here,i have many good feelings and memories about Odessa and people in there,but it's just hard to write them...

it cant be told by writing,only someone who lives that memories can understand what i feel now..

I came back home 1 week ago. And that 1 week was the hardest week of my life i think,i never thought that it would be so hard to get back used to my city and my home :P

My adventure started with the email that i received from LCP Ann. I read that they were looking for a Ceeder. And i was already looking forward to an opportunity to go abroad with AIESEC.
Then i applied and suddenly found myself in the plane that’s landing on that beautiful city :P

After a hard entrance i saw Tuha waiting me outside J she was waiting me there with her warm and friendly smile. I stil remember it like yesterday.

During my AIESEC life,i had met many interns and Ceeders,but i’m just sure that none of them were so happy as i were in Odessa…. I cant define a word how to describe people in AIESEC Odessa. They are something more then amazing J

They are not friendly or warm,they are something else J something extraordinary that they made this 1 month my life’s best month ever. I just enjoyed each minute that i spent with them . I never had any problem there,even if i had,i’m just so sure that they would help me with their best. I stil dont know how to thank to all that people. They all became the most special people in my life. And i’m just sure that i’ll never forget any of them ever. I’m not writing their names’ one by one,because they are too many J

And also,there is another important point. It’s not only about all those great people,it’s also about Odessa,the most beautiful city that i’ve ever seen in my life. If i met all that people in another city,i wouldn’t feel like this now. I stil remember each second that i walked on the streets of that great city,i still remember how happy i was feeling when we were walking at City Garden with the good music that was playing on background and with the fountain,lights,all people around. Many parks and trees are existing all around the city. Primorsky Blvd. in the evening with it’s lightened trees, Opera House, Deribasovskaya Str. ,Potemkin Stairs, Sea Port,Golden covered churches, City Garden and many more nice places are still in front of my eyes…

Odessa also has a very very unique architecture that makes it special one more time,you can get the taste of Italy,France,Greece and other countries in the city centre. If you go a bit out of city centre,then you can get the taste of Soviet Union J I don’t think that there’s another city on the world with that features.

Except all that things,we also did many things about AIESEC, working with such areas as Tn Raise,Ep Raise,Recruitment was a great experience for me as a Ceeder. There are differences between the processes of AIESEC,but at the core it’s same ,the aim is same J We also faced problems,but now i see that even that problems were a part of things that made this 1 month my life’s best month. I did everything a Ceeder can do . I remember the first meeting with newies,their eyes were shining J i believe that all those new members will do great things and develop our beautiful LC Odessa J

I want to thank to @ Odessa for that opportunity too…

And as a last thing, one more time, thanks to everyone in AIESEC Odessa for being that special,friendly,warm,hospitality. You all draw a huge smile on my heart…And i’m telling this from my heart, Я люблю Одессу and all AIESECERS that i’ve met there.

Thanks for existing….


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  1. while reading i have "one man's dream" in my speakers... it's so nostalgic, and you want to cry because of that memories, feelings...
    you know, we are waiting for you)